CYCLONE COASTER is a multi award winning Vintage Bicycle group based in Southern California - The main purpose of the CYCLONE COASTER website is to get people back on the Vintage Bicycles made here in America - to basically ride a piece of American History today - This site is dedicated to the bicycles of yesteryear and the people who kept them around for us to enjoy today - Please have a look around & enjoy your time on this website loaded with picture links & youtube video links of past events we have been involved in over the years - Please click on the "CONTACT US" links throughout this website for any questions or comments - The CYCLONE COASTER website is updated frequently with all the latest events & rides which are posted as they are announced - We DO NOT have a e-mail list since EVERYTHING we do is ALWAYS POSTED right here on the CYCLONE COASTER website - so please check back often for all of the latest up-to-date information - If you are on FACEBOOK you can now add CYCLONE COASTER as a friend


     CYCLONE COASTER is not a club or a business - we are simply a group of people who enjoy riding our vintage bicycles - everything CYCLONE COASTER involved in is ALWAYS FREE - we are able to accomplish this thanks to the continued support from city of Long Beach & PORTFOLIO COFFEE HOUSE which is our meeting point for the CYCLONE COASTER Sunday Ride - which is held on the 1st Sunday of every month - along with the support of local businesses & groups & organizations & friends within the community & our ever growing network of fellow riders who are always there to help one another making this a great thing for everyone involved - CYCLONE COASTER will continue to have our FREE VINTAGE BICYCLE SWAPMEET which is hosted by THE PIKE RESTAURANT & BAR in Long Beach twice a year which we will post here - along with our annual participation in the Long Beach Marathon with the 26.2 mile bicycle tour - parades - festivals & other special events several times during the year - where all are welcome to join in & everyone involved has a good time - CYCLONE COASTER events are always RAIN OR SHINE -


     CYCLONE COASTER has become a MULTI AWARD WINNING bicycle group & we couldn't have achieved this without all of you - If you ever find yourself in Southern California - or if you live in the area - feel free to come down to see first hand all of the outstanding vintage bicycles - along with the strong network of people who show up every month to share & enjoy their incredible bicycles with us at the CYCLONE COASTER Sunday Ride in Long Beach California - THE FIRST SUNDAY OF EVERY MONTH - RAIN or SHINE - all year round - ALL RIDERS WELCOME - If you currently do not have a bicycle or are visiting the Southern California area on the day of our ride - please feel free to come down early as people arrive for a cup of coffee & take in the great scenery at our meeting point - PORTFOLIO COFFEE HOUSE (which is rated the #1 Coffee House in Long Beach) - located on the corner of 4th street & Junipero in Long Beach - find the CYCLONE COASTER Sunday Ride details below







                        the FIRST SUNDAY                      

                            EVERY MONTH                          
                        ALL YEAR ROUND                        



          NEXT Vintage Bicycle RIDE  

                                      February 2nd 2020                                     

                Meet & Greet @ PORTFOILIO COFFEEHOUSE 9:30am              
                      If you're late - the ride leaves without you !!!


          THEME .... BRING A LADY / RIDE A LADY  


THEME -- Bring a Lady / Ride a Lady February ride in honor of the ladies in our lives for February Valentines day month - Lets see those beauty's   


    Time to break out your favorite lady & or ladies vintage bicycle - Something you just dialed in or something tried & true for the first THEMED ride of 2020 & join the CYCLONE COASTER family & join us along the STRAND with us on the first Sunday each month along the city paths & along the strand in our home town of Long Beach California



    The CYCLONE COASTER Sunday VINTAGE bicycle ride ALWAYS STARTS from our favorite coffeehouse PORTFOLIO COFFEEHOUSE - Rated #1 in Long Beach - Located at the corner of 4th street & Junipero in the area known as "Vintage Row" with plenty of Vintage shops filled with clothing & collectibles - We MEET @ 9:30am & We LEAVE @ 10:30 am SHARP - if you're late - the ride leaves without you - We welcome ALL RIDERS on their favorite vintage bicycle - Vintage defined as early teens to early 30's Moto Bikes - to mid 30's through mid 50's Balloon Bicycles - to late 50's - 70's Middleweight & lightweight bicycles & even the early 80's American made Schwinn cruisers - The core of what the CYCLONE COASTER family brings out to our rides are 1930's through the 1960's vintage balloon bicycles & what our rides are all about

    Want to be part of the CYCLONE COASTER family - Come on out on & join ANY CYCLONE COASTER Sunday ride or event to be a part of our family - ALL RIDERS WELCOME - These rides spark friendships & everyday small talk & some bicycle knowledge & apprieciation shared before - during & after the CYCLONE COASTER Sunday VINTAGE BICYCLE ride with many of the core group sticking around for a nice lunch after the ride with the CYCLONE COASTER family before heading back to their neck of the woods 

 FYI - Not every month is a themed ride - The whole idea behind the themed rides is not to exclude people from riding - but rather to encourage people to bring out bikes that others have never seen at our rides & inspire & share these gems that may spark others to share their passion for a particular brand or theme - The themed rides are not exclusive rides - you can still ride any bike you desire like Bassett - Colson - Columbia - Cook Bros - Dayton - Diamond Back - Elgin - Firestone - Harley Davidson - Hawthorne - Hiawatha - Huffman - Indian - Iver Johnson - JC Higgins - Manton & Smith - Mead - Mercury - Pierce - Powerlite - Redline - Roadmaster - Rollfast - S & S - Schwinn - SE - Shelby - Western Flyer - ect




  The idea behind the CYCLONE COASTER Sunday VINTAGE BICYCLE ride is to simply ride your favorite vintage bicycle with like minded vintage bicycle enthusiasts on marked bicycle paths in interesting neighborhoods & beach paths - Nothing more - From our starting point @ the corner of 4th Street & Junipero - known by the locals as "Vintage Row" @ Long Beaches #1 rated PORTFOLIO COFFEEHOUSE where we meet & greet around 9:30am & we LEAVE @ 10:30am SHARP - Then we ride various ways over to Belmont Shores to the Lighthouse that overlooks Shoreline Village & the Queen Mary & hanging out after the rides to have lunch @ one of the many restaurants in Long Beach CA on the FIRST SUNDAY of EVERY MONTH all year round - Rain or Shine - ALL RIDERS WELCOME 



    If you have been wondering how to get your CYCLONE COASTER T's & other cool swag - I always have everything available BEFORE EVERY CYCLONE COASTER Sunday Ride where I have been making a point of arriving a little earlier across the street from where we meet @ Portfolio Coffeehouse so everyone has a chance to freshen up their wardrobe with the latest CYCLONE COASTER gear to represent ... But if you live out of the area where you are unable to join us @ the CYCLONE COASTER Sunday ride - not a problem - hit me up on theCabe forums or FACEBOOK & I can ship anything to your part of the World -- Thanks again for all of your support of CYCLONE COASTER & our Sunday rides since 2006 - Ride Vintage - Along with the CYCLONE COASTER T's & small run of CYCLONE COASTER Swapmeet Poster T's with the PIKE / CYCLONE COASTER free Swapmeet logo silkscreened on the front left chest & the full CYCLONE COASTER swapmeet poster on the back - It's a 7 color design that really stands out - not a heavy thick printing - I also have a small run of CALI CARTEL T's - along with the CYCLETRUCK CONVOY t-shirts from the run - Just see me BEFORE the next CYCLONE COASTER Sunday ride begins - FOR THOSE WHO HAVEN'T SEEN THE NEW CYCLONE COASTER T'SHIRTS with the NEW CYCLONE COASTER DESIGN & CATCH PHRASE - RIDDEN not HIDDEN - Make sure to see them here - on theCabe vintage bicycle forums & on FACEBOOK - I just made a second small run in the new ivory & black logo silk screened on Burnt Orange & Shop Rag Red - for the ladies in Tropical Turquose & Shop Rag Red - PLUS all the past logos - EVERYTHING from CYCLONE COASTER T-shirts to CC tank tops - as well as CC patches - CC license plates - CC baseball caps - CC sun-visors - CC stickers & our iron-on CC patches - CC Dog tags


                            SUNDAY RIDE DETAILS  

     Frank & Bernard realized early on that CYCLONE COASTER was generating quite a bit of interest simply while riding their vintage bicycles in & around Southern California & talking to fellow riders along the way - Seeing all of the interest that was out there - we decided that it would be better to set up one day a month for a vintage bicycle ride that has been dubbed - the CYCLONE COASTER Sunday Ride - The CYCLONE COASTER Sunday Ride is a leisure bicycle ride that averages around 2 hours long - the ride is ALWAYS held the first Sunday of every month & ALWAYS from the same starting point every month - PORTFOLIO COFFEEHOUSE - which is conveniently located on the corner of 4th Street & Junipero - in the city of Long Beach - rain or shine - Riders Meet & Greet @ 9:30am & LEAVE @ 10:30am SHARP - If you are late we will leave without you !!! - We follow the ride with a casual lunch @ a local eatery for those who want to stick around - The CYCLONE COASTER Sunday Ride is a family oriented ride - not a bar hop - it's an open invitation for people from 5 to 105 years of age to join us on a vintage bicycle ride along the beach paths in & around the city of Long Beach & other special events that we post here on this website - Rain or Shine - All are welcome to join in on the CYCLONE COASTER Sunday Ride with any type of bicycle & any riding level - for a low key vintage bicycle ride where everyone can enjoy fellow enthusiast for networking - swapping stories - swap bicycles & parts - share maintenance & knowledge while enjoying the great Southern California scenery & all year around weather - Since the CYCLONE COASTER Sunday Ride is never the same ride twice & changes as we ride - It is impossible to post our route on this website - We base our ride on the events in & around Long Beach where the ride originates - We never have a set route as the ride can change as we are riding - from an unforeseen problem such as a simple flat tire or other bicycle related problem - to a local event in progress - Keep in mind that many riders such as myself travel over an hour just to join us here for the ride every month - So please allow enough time to get here on time when traveling to join us - To be fair to all the riders please remember that the ride leaves Portfolio Coffeehouse at 10:30am SHARP - Thanks for all of the interest in the CYCLONE COASTER Sunday RIde & we'll see you on the next ride
      [1] CYCLONE COASTER has received NUMEROUS complaints about MUSIC BEING TOO LOUD on our rides in the past - Many riders join the CYCLONE COASTER Sunday ride to get away from the noise of everyday life & just to simply enjoy a nice bicycle ride where they can talk to one another while riding or just to take in the scenery along the way have also expressed a dislike to the music as well - To keep everyone happy CYCLONE COASTER would like to ELIMINATE music on the rides & If you do have music CYCLONE COASTER just is asking for you TO PLEASE NOT TO BRING IT TO OUR RIDES so that CYCLONE COASTER riders are not discouraged from our rides & that the Sunday ride is NOT a NUISANCE to the community & businesses in the City of Long Beach who have supported & embraced the CYCLONE COASTER Sunday Ride since it start back in 2006
     [2] CYCLONE COASTER would also like to ask everyone to ALWAYS KEEP SAFETY IN MIND when riding on the streets & bicycle paths for all riders ANYWHERE in the state of California - PLEASE REMEMBER that bicycles fall under the same traffic laws as ANY vehicle on the road we all share - PLEASE REMEMBER to stop at all stop signs & not to run red lights - FYI - BICYCLE TRAFFIC VIOLATIONS WILL GO ON YOUR PERMANENT DRIVING RECORD - PLEASE REMEMBER to stay in the MARKED bicycle lanes - OR - to the far right side of the road with 2 or 3 bicycles wide to not block cars from driving by us on the streets & PLEASE REMEMBER to try to keep it 2 wide on the beach path for oncoming bicycles & people that walk - jog - run - rollerblade - etc - with us in the areas we SHARE on our CYCLONE COASTER rides - In short - CYCLONE COASTER simply does not want to wear out our welcome here or anywhere for that matter - CYCLONE COASTER has a great casual ride for all ages to enjoy the first Sunday of every month where over the years thousands of riders have joined in on the vintage bicycle fun in the many rides & events we take part in every year - let's keep it going by being in tune with our fellow "Sunday Riders" & the local community in & around the City of Long Beach - the home of the CYCLONE COASTER Sunday Ride MEETING POINT IS Portfolio Coffeehouse - Located on - the Corner of 4th Street & Junipero
     [3] FYI CYCLONE COASTER always encourages everyone to share & inform other CYCLONE COASTER riders of upcoming events in their own neck of the woods - If you have something coming up just simply ask Bernard or myself BEFORE THE RIDE that you want to announce something - This ride has a large following at this point & riders join us from San Diego to Northern California & beyond - We also know there might be some other CYCLONE COASTER riders that may live close to your own towns events that may want to meet up with you for it - that's why we have a "open mic" for anyone who wants to come up - Many riders never knew they were neighbors until they do an announcement - that's what is great about this ride - ride vintage -
     [4] PICTURES -- I know everyone takes them - If anyone has any pictures that they would like to share from our rides - PLEASE POST THEM - I encourage you to share them on the on-line forums like - theCabe - SchwinnBikeForum - Rat Rod Bikes - Facebook - etc. -- I always have requests for pictures of what shows up @ the CYCLONE COASTER Sunday ride - but I can only take so many myself - Let's show everyone around the world what they're missing by not being here @ the CYCLONE COASTER Sunday rides
     [5] With a GREAT TURNOUT - comes a greater responsibility - I must ask EVERYONE to PLEASE keep to the right of the road & not to take up the whole road as we ride - We have never had a issue with the Police in Long Beach since we started this ride in 2006 - Never even a complaint - this is achieved by keeping within the bike lane & / or the right side of the road whenever possible ( 2 riders wide is ideal ) - by doing this it makes the road safer for our riders @ the CYCLONE COASTER Sunday ride - trust me you don't want to be on the receiving end of another vehicle ( I am still recovering myself from my Harley accident from July 2011 & I am told it will be at least another year to go before I am back to where I was before the accident - SO PLEASE BE SAFE OUT THERE ) - we look forward to seeing everyone again for next months ride - make sure you come out & join us @ the CYCLONE COASTER Sunday ride - RIDE VINTAGE -


     FYI - FYI - FYI - FYI - FYI     

       Portfolio Coffeehouse

          2300 E 4th Street

       Long Beach, CA 90814

  >>>>>>>  Map  <<<<<<<<

     FYI - FYI - FYI - FYI - FYI     


California State Law REQUIRES 
     A person under 18 years of age shall not operate a bicycle, or ride upon a bicycle as a passenger, upon a street, bike-way, as defined in Section 890.4 of the Streets and Highways Code, or any other public bicycle path or trail unless that person is wearing a properly fitted and fastened bicycle helmet that meets the standards of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI Z 90.4 bicycle helmet standard) the Snell Memorial Foundation's Standard for Protective Headgear for Use in Bicycling or the American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM F-1447 standard)
     This requirement also applies to a person who rides upon a bicycle while in a restraining seat that is attached to the bicycle or in a trailer towed by the bicycle ALSO ALL riders under the age of 18 years of age must be accompanied by a legal guardian to join the ride
     Please keep in mind that ALL RIDERS RIDE AT THEIR OWN RISK on public roads & bicycle paths & that CYCLONE COASTER is not responsible for any injuries, loss or damage incurred during any ride - thank you


                                      EVENT  UPDATES                                       



                            EVENT  UPDATE    

23rd Annual FREE Swapmeet
@ the World Famous PIKE     
                                      Restaurant & Bar

  YES - THE 23rd Annual CYCLONE COASTER FREE SWAPMEET has once again made history here in Long Beach California - it was once again FOLLOWED by the CYCLONE COASTER Vintage Bicycle ride FROM PORTFOLIO COFFEEHOUSE afterwords - OUR MANY MANY THANKS GOES OUT ONCE AGAIN TO CHRIS REECE - OWNER OF THE WORLD FAMOUS PIKE RESTAURANT & BAR - The home of the CYCLONE COASTER VINTAGE BICYCLE SWAPMEET since DAY 1 - Without Chris's kindness & support we wouldn't have our CYCLONE COASTER FREE SWAPMEETS
 Loads of items exchanged caretakers once again - Fortune shined on those who saved up cash for new projects - OR- brought out bits & pieces to sell at the 23nd Annual CYCLONE COASTER FREE VINTAGE BICYCLE SWAPMEET November 3rd 2019 - the CYCLONE COASTER FAMILY never disappoints with many impossible items bought & sold ..
Thanks to all who have made the annual CYCLONE COASTER FREE Vintage Bicycle Swapmeets what they are - What a great time with great people selling vintage bicycles you just can't find anywhere else --- Thanks to all for making sure to arrived @ around 6am in the back parking lot of the World Famous PIKE Restaurant & Bar & bringing out TONS of great vintage hard to find bicycles & parts for sale - Our  CYCLONE COASTER family members come from far & wide - as far as Stockton - Modesto - Riverside - San Diego - Arizona - New Mexico & everywhere in Southern California area to sell off & pick up great hard to find items - Thanks again to Chris Reece - aka the former drummer of this band called SOCIAL DISTORTION & the owner of the PIKE Restaurant & Bar who always makes an appearance @ the swapmeet & to his staff that ALWAYS open his place up EARLY @ 7am with his crew @ the PIKE so we have the best damn BREAKFAST BURRITOS - FULL OPEN BAR & HOME for our CYCLONE COASTER FREE Swapmeets since day 1 - AGAIN we can't thank you enough Chris
 who is happy we clear the PIKE parking lot by 10am SHARP  so we can head down to
 Portfolio Coffeehouse for the CYCLONE COASTER Sunday Ride
STARTS EARLY @ 7:00am & they also end QUICK by 10:00am so Chris can accomidate his regulars on Sunday morning - Thanks to those who keep the noise levels down when arriving EARLIER THAN 7:00am - The 7:00am START TIME is a request from CHRIS the OWNER of the PIKE & it will help future meets here by keeping the residents around the PIKE Restaurant & Bar happy since it is located in the middle of a residential neighborhood - RESPECT THY NEIGHBORS - The FREE Swapmeet is followed by the  CYCLONE COASTER Sunday ride from Portfolio Coffeehouse @ 11:00am (1/2hr LATER due to the CC Swapmeet) - For those who don't know - OUR SWAPMEETS ARE HELD ON THE THE SAME DAY AS THE CYCLONE COASTER Sunday Ride - For those who haven't been the CC swapmeets - They are small - BUT there is loads of great items from fellow riders - enthusiast - CC family members who are passing down their extra parts & projects @ swapmeet prices & it's held in the back parking lot of the World Famous PIKE RESTAURANT & BAR - Located @ 1836 E. 4th Street ( 1 block west of Cherry Ave ) in Long Beach - CA  - ALSO - CYCLONE COASTER Swapmeets are ALWAYS held on the SAME DAY as the CYCLONE COASTER Sunday ride which leaves 1/2 hour LATER @ 11am from Portfolio Coffeehouse AFTER the swap 
     PLEASE NOTE for ALL FUTURE SWAPMEETS -- Chris has asked for people NOT to arrive EXTREMELY early since the neighbors who live in the area will complain - Which in the BIG PICTURE will be a problem for Chris & the PIKE as a host to our FREE CYCLONE COASTER Swapmeets - PLEASE ARRIVE NO EARLIER than 6:00am to set-up your FREE swap spot - If you are traveling from a far - camp out a few blocks away & roll out to set up closer to daylight thats all & keep it down - &  also PLEASE  NO PARKING in the PIKE parking lot - Chris WILL TOW - no F****ing around - JUST A REMINDER the FREE swap starts @ 7:00am & NOW ENDS by 10:00am - THIS WAS A NEW REQUEST FROM THE PIKE OWNER CHRIS who wants the parking lot cleared for his 10:00am customers -
     AGAIN - the CYCLONE COASTER FREE Swapmeets START @ 7:00am - BUT - PLEASE ARRIVE NO EARLIER than 6:00am to set-up your FREE swap spot - Many killer rare parts as well as complete bicycles exchanged hands as they do at everyone of these CYCLONE COASTER FREE SWAPMEETS here @ the PIKE - Thanks to my fellow bicycle enthusiast & fellow riders @ PIKE BAR & RESTAURANT home of the FREE CYCLONE COASTER SWAPMEET since day one
     The CYCLONE COASTER Sunday ride STARTS AFTER the FREE Swapmeet from Portfolio Coffeehouse @ 11am - 1/2 hour later due to the swapmeet - A GREAT DAY  ALWAYS - Pop a reminder on your hand held device of choice NOW for the CYCLONE COASTER FREE SWAPMEET - So you are sure not to miss it THIS TIME - Thanks again to everyone that makes CYCLONE COASTER a part of their Sunday - Ride Vintage

                 the World famous PIKE    
                                       Restaurant & Bar
     The World famous PIKE Restaurant & Bar has always opened it's doors EARLY for us @ 7:00am (they normally open @ 10am) serving us the most important meal of the day @ the CYCLONE COASTER FREE SWAPMEETS - THE BREAKFAST BURRITO - which ALWAYS hits the spot - the PIKE Restaurant & Bar also offers a full breakfast menu - coffee & cocktails - which CYCLONE COASTER has enjoyed since our beginnings in 2006 after the CYCLONE COASTER Sunday rides .... 
     A big thank you goes out to Chris Reece owner of the PIKE Restaurant & Bar - for being the home of the CYCLONE COASTER FREE SWAPMEET all these years - Chris's main concern is making sure that the neighbors are happy by keeping the alley & street around the swap-meet CLEAR - By doing this it will allow us to do this for FREE for many years to come - Again this event & ride is a win win for everyone - FREE space is limited to first come - first to get a space - FREE admission to all too - Just use that money you saved on the FREE space & admission to get a Wolrd Famous Breakfast Burrito or a Beer - Bloody Mary - Cocktail or maybe you'll spend that money on the final pieces to your pre or post war balloon bicycle project - OR - find yourself another bicycle or project to buy or sell - this is a great way to support the hobby & keep it alive & local - Keep in mind that old saying "one mans trash is another mans treasure" & "the early bird gets the worm" - well I added that one since there are a lot of deals being made between the "early settlers" ( you know who you are ) @ the CYCLONE COASTER free Swapmeets every year  -
     Please keep in mind that all CYCLONE COASTER events are always posted here on our website - on our CYCLONE COASTER facebook account under "status"  as in got closer to the event date & on-line on under "events" - thanks for the interest - Ride Vintage

The PIKE Restaurant & Bar WEBSITE


                   SHELBY INVASION 

    YES - Another SHELBY INVASION has come & gone with July 7th 2019 going into the books as another great successful ride & turnout - This was the sixth year for CYCLONE COASTER hosting the SHELBY INVASION @ our monthly vintage bicycle ride & it did not disappoint - RIDDEN not HIDDEN - With a honorable mention & special shout out to Chris aka Slick & the ROLLING RELICS for the support & networking from our brothers - sisters & extended family from up in Northern California - A great turnout once again with many BIG TANK SHELBY bicycles this year - many rare fluted fenders on the SHELBY Bicycles that made it out - From full tilt boogie Deluxe SHELBY Speedline Airflos & No Nose SHELBY bicycles along with SHELBY tear drop style tanks - SHELBY long tanks - the SHELBY ladies deluxe Airflos - WOW & did I mention the SHELBY fluted fenders - WOW - Rare & usually as a deluxe option - but not rare today - Condition varied from super crusty to a minty first time ridden ladies 1949 SHELBY wheat and dark red beauty were all out in force today - thanks to all from the CYCLONE COASTER family who made this ride another great memory & to all of the CYCLONE COASTER family of riders on their favorite rides who joined in on the day of fun in the sun - I am already looking forward for the 2020 SHELBY INVASION

   The SHELBY INVASION  was actually the first themed ride we had @ the CYCLONE COASTER Sunday rides & is held EVERY JULY - EVERY YEAR @ the CYCLONE COASTER Sunday rides SINCE 2013 - This ride is geared for all to ride & share their favorite Shelby Bicycles - The first SHELBY INVASION in 2013 was fun with Slick - founder of the Rolling Relics in Northern California - wanting to show up the Huffman crowd with some SHELBY numbers - The SHELBY INVASION idea was born when Slick & I were joking around & came up "SHELBY INVASIONas the catch line for this 1st themed CYCLONE COASTER Sunday ride - Well we had so much fun hosting it & with great response & feedback from other SHELBY owners that CYCLONE COASTER decided to do a SHELBY INVASION annual migration EVERY JULY @ the CYCLONE COASTER Sunday ride - So bring out the killer SHELBY bicycles to ride & for all to see - RIDDEN not HIDDEN  

     I always look forward to the SHELBY INVASION ride EVERY YEAR in JULY simply for the reason you never know what Shelby Bicycles are going to show up to this annual Shelby migration that is hosted by CYCLONE COASTER every year - Many different Shelby bicycles have made it out over the years to this ride - Some Shelby bicycles have not been seen or ridden in many years - but now with this annual migration - they have been meticulously resurrected from years of storage in a old barn - attic or garage - That's what these themed rides are all about to me & many others - Bring back a bicycle that has been forgotten back to being ridden once again - Last SHELBY INVASION ride in July 2nd 2018 had 31 Shelby brand bicycles with 186 riders total 

    With that being said - Themed rides are open to any brand bicycle - BUT if you have a Shelby brand bicycle - BRING IT - RIDE IT @ the 2019 SHELBY INVASION where many never before seen in the wild SHELBY bicycles will be RIDDEN not HIDDEN @ the CYCLONE COASTER Sunday ride this year - I look forward to seeing some old Shelby & new resurrected Shelby brand bicycles @ the CYCLONE COASTER Sunday ride which never seems to disappoint & hope everyone else will do the same with their vintage bicycles  




                                                      Our Story                                                      

     Living in Southern California is the perfect place to ride and collect vintage bicycles - we found this out by simply riding our vintage balloon bicycles at the beach - swap meets - marathons - parades - car shows - wherever & whenever we could meet up for a vintage bicycle ride on any given weekend - while doing just that we found there are quite a few vintage bicycle collectors that live right here in the area that enjoyed riding as well - CYCLONE COASTER was founded in Southern California in 2006 by two friends & vintage bicycle enthusiasts - Bernard & Frank - who met while collecting & riding vintage balloon bicycles themselves - GREAT AMERICAN BICYCLES - manufactured in the Pre-War & Post-War era of America - bearing names such as - Colson - Columbia - Dayton - Elgin - Firestone - Harley Davidson - Hawthorne - Hiawatha - Huffman - Indian - Iver Johnson - J C Higgins - Manton & Smith - Mead - Mercury - Monark - Pierce - Roadmaster - Rollfast - Schwinn - Shelby - Western Flyer - just to name a few - made right here in the good old U S A -

     The name CYCLONE COASTER pays tribute to the Pike waterfront amusement park which was down on the pier in Long Beach, California, many, many years ago - The COASTER part of our name is referring to the single speed coaster brake on the vintage bicycles we ride - We collect bicycles from different eras and every bicycle we ride is one we own - If you are interested in purchasing a vintage bicycle - have a budget in mind & find a picture that best represents what you are looking for - keep in mind usually the more deluxe or complete a vintage bicycle is ( it has a horn tank, fenders, light, rear rack, etc. ) the more expensive & difficult it is to find as a complete bicycle - Simply locate one of the "CONTACT US" links on the site & we will do our best to help & direct you in any way we can - there might even be something close amongst our network of CYCLONE COASTER riders


     We find ourselves riding just about anything built in the 1930's - 1940's - to 1950's - from the clean originals - the old rusty rider - the custom boardwalk runner - to the top-notch restored bicycles & anything in between - as with any hobby it seems the more you know - the more questions you have - we also noticed that there is a lot of diversity to riding and collecting vintage bicycles - a lot of times because the bicycles themselves have had a rough life - mostly from being passed down from one person to the next or just sitting forgotten in a barn or a shed somewhere - most of the time losing some of their original parts and former glory along the way - also that everyone has their own take - which is how it should be - after all it is an extension of who you are and what you are about - all in all it is a lot of fun networking with a lot of great people who we all met because of our similar hobby & passion for vintage bicycles at these events as well as riding in & around the Southern California area


          CYCLONE COASTER  10th Year ANNIVERSARY        
     Thanks to EVERYONE over the 10 year history of  CYCLONE COASTER & the CYCLONE COASTER Sunday ride - August 2016 was the 10th YEAR ANNIVERSARY of CYCLONE COASTER rides - Yes - for those that don't know - Mid-2006 is when Bernard & I met while buying & selling parts to one another - As we did that - we started bringing a bicycle along to ride for after the meet up - As our friendship grew we would meet at local events & we would start selling together @ the Long Beach Vet Stadium motorcycle & bicycle swapmeets - While doing all that we came up with a simple once a month ride plan which we dubbed the CYCLONE COASTER Sunday ride - On August 5th 2007 we did the FIRST CYCLONE COASTER Sunday Ride out of PORTFOLIO COFFEEHOUSE on the corner of 4th & Junipero in Long Beach - PORTFOLIO COFFEEHOUSE is still our home & starting point the first Sunday of EVERY MONTH & is where we still meet up before each CYCLONE COASTER Sunday Ride & now we have a few riders that I like to call "CYCLONE COASTER family members" that join us in all sorts of FREE events & rides - WOW what a whirlwind ... Bernard & I still have the same beliefs we had when we started CYCLONE COASTER back in 2006 - "Make a ride & they will come" wait - wasn't that in a movie ? That's right it was a "Field" not a ride - All kiding aside we wanted to have a ride - therefore CYCLONE COASTER is just that - A RIDE FOR THE PEOPLE - not a club or a business - CYCLONE COASTER is a ride where EVERYONE is welcome & EVERYTHING is FREE to all involved - Thanks to everyone for making CYCLONE COASTER what it is - Since our beginnings as CYCLONE COASTER we have been fortunate to have the support of local businesses & the city of Long Beach & we have had a lot of good memories & have made many new friends throughout the years we have been doing this from far & near - Thank you for making CYCLONE COASTER your vintage cycling destination the first Sunday of every month all year around - Ride Vintage - Frank & Bernard 
  • Mid 2006 - CYCLONE COASTER founders Frank & Bernard met in 2006 when we were buying / selling / trading vintage bicycle parts online & in local publications - we were doing it so much buying / trading / selling with one another we soon became good friends - who when we would end up meeting - we would bring something to ride from wherever we met for the days sales & grab lunch & talk bicycles / women & life in general - As we rode we thought of how cool it would be to have a vintage bicycle ride - back then we rode around telling people word of mouth & getting contact info etc. from the people we ran into on the weekends @ car shows - swapmeets & that were riding in the SoCal area in general ...
  • October of 2006 - We wanted to start a ride & started brainstorming for a name for the vintage rides that we would hold - a name that would pay homage to the area & the vintage vibe we wanted to embrace & reflect the vintage balloon bicycles we loved to ride - Hmmm so "CYCLONE" which pays homage to part of a name of an old wooden roller coaster from Long Beach's past that was torn down many years ago & "COASTER" is what our vintage balloon bicycles use as a brake to stop - we put the name together & the CYCLONE COASTER name was born - So October of this year is our actual 7 year anniversary of CYCLONE COASTER name itself - Where has the time gone ...
  • October of 2006  - Frank & Bernard also did their first Marathon together this month - The 2006 Long Beach Marathon bicycle tour - which we still do every year - 26.2 miles on our crustiest " looking " mechanically dialed in riders - We signed up for it the day before the actual Marathon - we noticed a lot of people in Long Beach were carrying these bags around as we were riding around doing our thing - so we asked " what are the bags for " & a cute girl said " the Long Beach Marathon is tomorrow " so we rode down to the Convention Center to sign up for it & I still remember the girl at the sign up desk asking us " Have you guys been training all year for this ? " & I said " Nope we have been training all day for it " & we all laughed about it ....  
  • November of 2006 - Frank & Bernard had some business cards printed with our contact information for people we would run into since we never seemed to have a pen handy ...
  • December of 2006 - Bernard had some early 1st run CYCLONE COASTER shirts printed with the help of an ex-girlfriend - I think he printed 6 of them ...
  • January of 2007 - Frank launched the CYCLONE COASTER website ... the idea of having it was to have information on EVERYTHING CYCLONE COASTER does as we ourselves get the information in & to this day it is the best way to get the latest up-to-date information on upcoming events & rides with times & directions allowing everyone to share the information & website ...
  • February of 2007 - As we rode with our shirts everywhere - others wanted shirts - so I designed the second run shirts to reflect the "history" of the name & pay homage to the original inspiration - a wooden roller coaster with the CYCLONE name that was torn down many many years in the Pike amusement area on Pine Avenue .. Long Beach history kept alive with our Sunday ride ...
  • May 4th 2007 - Frank & Bernard did their second Marathon - the LA Marathon - with a total of 6 riders - It was a small group Frank & Bernard along with my roommate at the time Matt - some people we met on our small rides Inessa - Faith & Rich - What I remember is I rode this 1948 Original Roadmaster Luxury Liner on the last Long Beach Marathon - so I rode all 68 pounds of bicycle again - well Bernard pulled out his 1948 Monark Silverking " Hextube " bicycle to ride which was like half the weight of my Roadmaster - I thought " I wish I brought another bike " - we made all 26.2 miles & had fun doing it with our new bicycle friends ... 
  • July of 2007 - We found a home for the CYCLONE COASTER Sunday rides - PORTFOLIO COFFEEHOUSE & The first CYCLONE COASTER Flyers were made - we handed them out EVERYWHERE  we rode & went that month car shows to swapmeets to bicycle shops & small business in the area & people along the bicycle paths we rode on ...
  •  August 5th 2007 - Our first official CYCLONE COASTER Sunday ride from PORTFOLIO COFFEEHOUSE began - 14 riders were there - well until I saw the picture & realized 15 riders were there since one of us took the picture of the other 14 riders - anyways that was 6 years ago when we dreamed of maybe having 20 - 30 riders with us - well as you all know we are now in the 200 + rider range every month 
  • October 19th 2008 - The very first annual CYCLONE COASTER FREE Swapmeet @ the PIKE Restaurant & Bar - Thanks to Chris the owner of the PIKE who allows us to use his parking lot for these events & opening up early to have breakfast & drinks for everyone ... Which we still do 6 months @ the PIKE - usually in April / March & again around October / November
  • January 2013CYCLONE COASTER joins up on FACEBOOK for easy up to date information to those who are on FACEBOOK - CYCLONE COASTER information is always up to date on our website - BUT we like to keep close to our family members through social media too
  • August of 2015 - August marks our 9 year Anniversary of the CYCLONE COASTER Sunday rides from PORTFOLIO COFFEEHOUSE - Thanks to everyone for making the ride what it is today - Ride Vintage ... Frank
  • August of 2016 - August marks our 10 year Anniversary of the CYCLONE COASTER Sunday rides from PORTFOLIO COFFEEHOUSE & the new 10th year anniversary  CYCLONE COASTER t-shirts - NEW LOGO - Available NOW before any ride - Thanks to everyone - you make the ride what it is today - Ride Vintage ... Frank 




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                                                PAST EVENTS                                                  

  • The CYCLONE COASTER Sunday ride 1st Sunday of every month  RAIN-OR-SHINE
  • The SHELBY INVASION ride 2019 with CYCLONE COASTER July 7th 2019
  • The CYCLONE COASTER 22nd Annual FREE Vintage Bicycle Swapmeet & RIDE 5/5/19
  • The CYCLONE COASTER YOSEMITE Vintage Ride w/ the Rolling Relics May 18th 2019 
  • The CYCLONE COASTER 21st Annual FREE Vintage Bicycle Swapmeet & RIDE 11/4/18
  • The 2018 Long Beach Marathon 20 mile bicycle tour  October 7th 2018
  • Rolling Relics San Francisco Vintage Ride July 28th 2018
  • The SHELBY INVASION ride 2018 with CYCLONE COASTER July 1st 2018
  • The CYCLONE COASTER YOSEMITE Vintage Ride w/ the Rolling Relics May 19th 2018 
  • The CYCLONE COASTER 20th Annual FREE Vintage Bicycle Swapmeet & RIDE 5/5/18
  • 2018 Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade - Meet - Ride - Watch  January 1st 2018
  • City of Laguna Niguel Annual Christmas Parade Dec 10th 2017 
  • The CYCLONE COASTER 19th Annual FREE Vintage Bicycle Swapmeet & RIDE 11/5/17
  • The 2017 Long Beach Marathon 20 mile bicycle tour  October 8th 2017
  • Rolling Relics San Francisco Vintage Ride July 29th 2017
  • City of Lake Forest 4th of July Parade 201746 riders
  • The SHELBY INVASION ride 2017 with CYCLONE COASTER July 2nd 2016
  • The CYCLONE COASTER 18th Annual FREE Vintage Bicycle Swapmeet & RIDE 5/7/16
  • 2017 Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade - Meet - Ride - Watch  January 2nd 2017
  • City of Laguna Niguel Annual Christmas Parade Dec 10th 2016
  • The CYCLONE COASTER 17th Annual FREE Vintage Bicycle Swapmeet & RIDE 11/6/16
  • The 2016 Long Beach Marathon 20 mile bicycle tour  October 9th 2016
  • Rolling Relics San Francisco Vintage Ride July 30th 2016
  • City of Lake Forest 4th of July Parade 2016 - 27 riders
  • The SHELBY INVASION ride 2016 with CYCLONE COASTER July 3rd 2016
  • The CYCLONE COASTER YOSEMITE Vintage Ride w/ the Rolling Relics May 21st 2016 
  • The CYCLONE COASTER 16th Annual FREE Vintage Bicycle Swapmeet & RIDE 4/3/16
  • 2016 Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade - Meet - Ride - Watch  January 1st 2016
  • City of Laguna Niguel Annual Christmas Parade Dec 12th 2015 
  • Belmont Shores 2014 Christmas Parade  December 5th 2015 
  • The 2015 Long Beach Marathon 20 mile bicycle tour  October 11th 2015
  • The CYCLONE COASTER 15th Annual FREE Vintage Swap Meet & RIDE Oct 4th 2015
  • New Belgium Brewing - Tour de Fat  - San Diego  September 26 2015
  • Santa Barbara King of the Cruisers Show & Fiesta Cruiser Ride - August 9th 2015
  • Rolling Relics San Francisco Vintage Ride July 25th 2015
  • The SHELBY INVASION ride 2015 with CYCLONE COASTER July 5th 2015
  • City of Lake Forest 4th of July Parade 2015 - 42 riders
  • The CYCLONE COASTER YOSEMITE Vintage Ride w/ the Rolling Relics May 23rd 2015
  • The CYCLONE COASTER 14th Annual FREE Vintage Swap Meet & RIDE May 3rd 2015
  • 2015 Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade - Meet - Ride - Watch  January 1st 2015
  • City of Laguna Niguel Annual Christmas Parade Dec 12th 2014
  • Belmont Shores 2014 Christmas Parade  December 6th 2014
  • The CYCLONE COASTER 13th Annual FREE Vintage Swap Meet & RIDE Nov 2nd 2014
  • The 2014 Long Beach Marathon 20 mile bicycle tour  October 12th 2014
  • New Belgium Brewing - Tour de Fat  - San Diego  September 2014
  • The SHELBY INVASION ride 2014 with CYCLONE COASTER July 6th 2014
  • City of Lake Forest 4th of July Parade 2014 - 52 riders
  • The CYCLONE COASTER  YOSEMITE Ride with the Rolling Relics  May 16th 2014 
  • The CYCLONE COASTER 12th Annual FREE Vintage Swap Meet & RIDE  May 4th 2014
  • 2014 Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade - Meet - Ride - Watch  January 1st 2014
  • City of Laguna Niguel Annual Christmas Parade Dec 14th 2013 WARM 77 degree Parade
  • Belmont Shores 2013 Christmas Parade  December 7th 2013
  • The CYCLONE COASTER 11th Annual FREE Vintage Swap Meet & RIDE Nov 3rd 2013
  • The 2013 Long Beach Marathon 20 mile bicycle tour  October 13th 2013
  • New Belgium Brewing - Tour de Fat  - San Diego  September 2013
  • Rolling Relics San Fran ride on the Golden Gate Bridge & Lombard Street July 27st 2013
  • The SHELBY INVASION ride 2013 with CYCLONE COASTER July 7th 2013
  • City of Lake Forest 4th of July Parade 2013 - July 4th 2013
  • The CYCLONE COASTER 1st Annual BikeFEST Vintage Bicycle Show  May 11th 2013
  • CicLAvia to the Sea - Los Angeles - 150,000+ riders - April 21st 2013
  • The CYCLONE COASTER 10th Annual FREE Vintage Swap Meet  April 7th 2013
  • 2013 Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade - Meet - Ride - Watch  January 1st 2013
  • City of Laguna Niguel Annual Christmas Parade Dec 8th 2012 - Cooler 68 degree Parade
  • Belmont Shores 2012 Christmas Parade  December 8th 2012
  • The CYCLONE COASTER 9th Annual FREE Vintage Swap Meet & RIDE Nov 4th 2012
  • The 2012 Long Beach Marathon 26.2 mile bicycle tour  October 7th 2012
  • New Belgium Brewing - Tour de Fat  - San Diego  September 29th 2012
  • New Belgium Brewing - Tour de Fat  - San Francisco  September 22nd 2012
  • New Belgium Brewing - Tour de Fat  - Los Angeles  September 15th 2012
  • Rolling Relics San Francisco vintage ride on the Golden Gate Bridge July 21st 2012
  • City of Lake Forest 4th of July Parade 2012 - July 4th 2012
  • The CYCLONE COASTER 8th Annual FREE Vintage Swap Meet  April 9th 2012
  • 2012 Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade - Meet - Ride - Watch  January 2nd 2012
  • City of Laguna Niguel Annual Christmas Parade Dec 10th 2011 WARM 81 degree Parade
  • Belmont Shores 2011 Christmas Parade  December 3rd 2011
  • The CYCLONE COASTER 7th Annual FREE Vintage Swap Meet  Nov 20th 2011
  • The 2011 Long Beach Marathon 26.2 mile bicycle tour  October 9th 2011
  • New Belgium Brewing - Tour de Fat  - Los Angeles  October 8th 2011
  • New Belgium Brewing - Tour de Fat  - San Diego  October 1st 2011
  • City of Lake Forest 4th of July Parade 2011 - HOT 97 degree day
  • Vintage Bicycle Show / Swap & Ride Flying A Studio Newport Beach May 15th 2011
  • City of Long Beach Seperated Bicycle Lanes Grand Opening & Celebration April 23rd 2011
  • The CYCLONE COASTER 6th Annual FREE Vintage Swap Meet  March 13th 2011
  • 2011 Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade - Meet - Ride - Watch  January 1st 2011
  • City of Laguna Niguel Annual Christmas Parade Dec 11th 2010 - WARM 87 degree Parade
  • New Belgium Brewing - Tour de Fat  - Los Angeles  October 23rd 2010
  • The 2010 Long Beach Marathon 26.2 mile bicycle tour  October 17th 2010
  • The CYCLONE COASTER 5th Annual FREE Vintage Swap Meet  October 10th 2010
  • New Belgium Brewing - Tour de Fat  - San Diego  October 2nd 2010
  • Vintage Bicycle Show / Swap & Ride Flying A Studio Newport Beach Sept 12th 2010
  • The CYCLONE COASTER Sunday Ride & Fourth of July BBQ Sunday July 4th 2010
  • City of Lake Forest Fouth of July Parade - July 3rd 2010 - 47 Bicycles - NICE
  • The CYCLONE COASTER 4th Annual FREE Vintage Swap Meet  May 16th 2010
  • The 4th Street in Motion Festival  CYCLONE COASTER Display Booth - May 9th 2010
  • Bike Night @ the Hammer Museum & Screening of Pee Wee's Big Adventure w/ host Paul Reubens  April 8th 2010
  • The Long Beach 2010 Mardi Gras Parade & Festival - February 20th 2010
  • Sacramento / San Francisco Tour & Ride California Road trip January 8th-10th 2010
  • 2010 Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade - Meet - Ride - Watch  January 1st 2010
  • Vintage Bicycle Show / Swap & Ride Flying A Studio Newport Beach Dec 13th 2009
  • City of Laguna Niguel Annual Christmas Parade Dec 12th 2009 - Cancelled due to rain
  • 4th street Annual Holiday Open House & Bicycle Decorating Contest December 6th 2009
  • Belmont Shores 2009 Christmas Parade  December 5th 2009
  • The CYCLONE COASTER 3rd Annual FREE Vintage Swap Meet - October 18th 2009
  • The 2009 Long Beach Marathon 26.2 mile bicycle tour  October 11th 2009
  • New Belgium Brewing - Tour de Fat  - San Diego  October 3rd 2009
  • 25th annual Abbot Kinney Festival CYCLONE COASTER Bicycle Valet & Display - Over 400 Valet  Sept 27th 2009
  • City of Lake Forest 4th of July Parade 2009 - 60+ Bicycles - Awarded "the Most Original Parade entry" NICE
  • Vintage Bicycle Swap & Ride Flying A Studio Newport Beach June 28th 2009
  • Green Long Beach Festival CYCLONE COASTER Display & Booth @ East Village Arts District May 9th 2009
  • The CYCLONE COASTER 2nd Annual FREE Vintage Swap Meet April 19th 2009
  • 1st Annual Long Beach Bicycle Festival April 3rd & 4th 2009
  • 2009 Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade - Meet - Ride - Watch - January 1st 2009
  • City of Laguna Niguel Annual Christmas Parade 45+ Bicycles - December 6th 2008
  • The CYCLONE COASTER 1st Annual FREE Vintage Swap Meet October 19th 2008
  • The 2008 Long Beach Marathon 26.2 mile bicycle tour October 12th 2008
  • University by the Sea 2008 CYCLONE COASTER vintage bicycle show @ East Village art district Oct 5th 2008
  • City of Huntington Beach 4th of July Parade 104th annual  - July 4th 2008 - 60+ Bicycles
  • Vintage Show & Bicycle ride Walt's Place Newport Beach May 4th 2008
  • 2008 Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade - Meet - Ride - Watch  January 1st 2008
  • City of Laguna Niguel Annual Christmas Parade  December 8th 2007 
  • Keith's Annual Sat. after Thanksgiving Day ride from Santa Monica Pier November 24th 2007
  • Vintage Show & Bicycle ride Flying A Studio Newport Beach November 18th 2007
  • The 2007 Long Beach Marathon 26.2 mile bicycle tour October 2007 
  • City of Norwalk 50th Anniversary Parade August 25th 2007 
  • Orange County Schwinn Collectors Woodies Cafe / Seal Beach Brunch & Ride August 25th 2007  
  • Story of our ride in the GRUNION GAZETTE on newstands the week of August 20th 2007
  • CYCLONE COASTER 4th of July 2007 block party Vintage Car / Bicycle Show & Ride
  • Venice Beach bicycle Show & Ride
  • Vintage Show & Bicycle ride Flying A Studio Newport Beach
  • Huntington Beach Concourse car & bicycle show 2007
  • The 2007 Los Angeles Marathon bicycle tour May 2007
  • Belmont Shores 2006 Christmas Parade down 2nd Street
  • The 2006 Long Beach Marathon 26.2 mile bicycle tour October 2006
  • Amgen Tour Bicycle Showdown & CYCLONE COASTER vintage bicycle show @ East Village art district Long Beach
  • Critical Mass bicycle ride from the Bike Station in downtown Long Beach

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